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    Lawn Sprinkler System Westchester NY

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    Lawn Sprinkler System Westchester NY + Outdoor Lighting Design

    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Westchester County, NY – Falco Lawn Sprinklers Inc. is a locally owned and family-operated irrigation system + landscape lighting design company serving WestchesterRockland, Dutchess, Orange, and Putnam County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

    Our teams have served the needs of our customers for more than two decades. We understand the unique challenges of lawns, gardens, and golf courses in the tri-state area through our four seasons and know how to deliver; healthy, beautiful-thriving landscapes to our customers through smart irrigation installation solutions. We also provide irrigation repair services, lawn sprinkler irrigation winterization, and spring start-ups.

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    Residential & Commercial Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Westchester NY

    All of our services are available on-demand or by customizable maintenance plans based on the needs of our customers. Our lawn sprinkler repair and maintenance services include:

    • Expansion & Modification Of Existing Systems
    • Spring Start-Ups & System Winterizing
    • In-Season Service Work
    • Backflow Testing
    • Emergency Sprinkler System Repair
    • Surge Protection

    Our sprinkler systems use Predictive Watering™ techniques – that save up to 50% more water than other competitive irrigation systems! Using local weather forecasts and historical data, our sprinkler systems regulate themselves, providing just the right amount of water to your lawn and gardens on– autopilot.

    Our Hunter, HydraWise watering systems are the most complete Wi-Fi Irrigation Control systems on the market today.

    Lawn Sprinkler System Westchester NY

    • Save Up to 50% on Your Water Bill With Predictive Watering™
    • Sit Back and Relax and Know Your Lawn and Gardens Are Protected.
    • Enjoy Remote Access to Your System So You Can View, Manage, and Monitor Your Irrigation Controller From Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer at Your Convenience.
    • Monitor Your Water Use and the State of Your Piping System With the Optional Flow Meter.
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    Lawn irrigation System Westchester County NY

    Enjoy greener lawns and healthier gardens

    Lawn irrigation company Westchester County


    Lawn Irrigation + Lawn Sprinkler System + Landscape Lighting Services

    Lawn Sprinkler System Irrigation Systems Westchester County NY

    At Falco Lawn Sprinklers we use only the finest-quality lawn irrigation systems and system components. Our products meet and exceed all industry specifications. Our expert installation will ensure your satisfaction for years to come…

    Landscape Lighting Westchester NY

    Falco Lawn Sprinklers lighting specialists will enhance your property by designing the perfect lighting plan for your home. Illuminate your home’s unique architectural details while enhancing its setting by adding dramatic lighting to trees and land features…

    Westchester County Lawn Sprinkler Installation

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. More than 90% of our customers come to us by way of personal referral – we are proud of our reputation of dedicated, detail-oriented service. Want to learn about our company, mission, and how our systems help save water?

    Lawn Sprinkler Installation Westchester NY

    We are Home to Westchester County's Expert
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