Spring Sprinkler Start-up: Leave it to the Experts

After that long winter, spring is here! That means it's time to get your sprinkler system back up and running for the summer season. It could be argued that irrigation is the most crucial part of lawn care, and here at Falco Lawn and Sprinklers, we know more about lawn irrigation and the demand for water our grass, gardens, and outdoor landscapes have better than most.

When it's time to start up your lawn irrigation system, you might think about turning it into your next weekend DIY project, but please take caution. 

We have been called by many homeowners who looked to make quick work of their lawn sprinkler system start-up, only to end up with a deep puddle and a clean-up job no one would want to mess with. Mismanaged water wrecks havoc on the same grass it was intended to care for; while it may appear to be a simple task to complete on your own, entrusting it to professionals is generally the best move.

Ideally, here are some reasons why you should leave it to our professionals.

It Saves Time to Work with Experts

Our team of experts will do the task faster than you could do it yourself, and you can rest assured that it will be done right the first time.

Professionals Clean Sprinkler Heads Perfectly

Winters freeze and thaw cycles may have altered your lawn's surroundings, including the lawn around your sprinkler heads. This can hinder the sprinkler head and block it from being able to spring up correctly. 

When grass obstructs sprinkler heads, it prevents them from effectively watering your lawn and garden. Sprinkler heads are delicate but, when cared for properly, long-lasting - a professional will know what to look for when mitigating obstructions and know how to work around challenges you may not recognize as issues until water begins to accumulate. And a regular cleaning extends their life by reducing premature wear. With the help of our experts, your sprinkler heads will be perfectly cleaned, and everything will function properly.

Spring Start-up Checkup 

Winters in Westchester can be brutal. Often, we find minor system component breakdowns during our spring start-up jobs, and we can quickly identify them and right them for homeowners to ensure a long, lushes, well-irrigated summer ahead. Unfortunately, a homeowner turning on their system may not see these issues, fire up the system, and again find themselves with a small pond, not the championship yard we all want. 

Remember, it is always best to hire a qualified professional contractor when performing tasks like Spring Start-Up. Irrigation contractors are experts in hydraulics, proper sprinkler system layout, plant watering requirements and soil types. Their skills will ensure a water-efficient system and years of trouble-free operation.

We have a team of experts who can handle everything from sprinkler start-up to irrigation system maintenance. Contact us right away if you require professional sprinkler start-up assistance near Westchester NY.