Early Morning Watering: The Best Time to Water Your Lawn in Westchester County

As a homeowner in Westchester County, you know that maintaining a healthy and lush lawn requires proper care and attention. One key aspect of lawn care is watering, and it’s important to know when and how to water your grass and plants to ensure they get the hydration they need without becoming overwatered or stressed.

So, when is the best time to water your lawn? The best time to water your lawn depends on several factors, including the type of grass, the weather conditions, and the local water restrictions.

The answer is in the early morning before the day’s heat sets in.

Here’s why:

  • Early morning : Watering your lawn in the early morning (before 10 AM) is the most efficient time to water. At this time, the temperatures are low, and the wind is generally calm, allowing the water to penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the grass before evaporating.
  • Avoid watering in the heat of the day : Watering in the middle of the day, when temperatures are high, and the sun is strong, results in a significant amount of Evaporation and will lead to waste.
  • Evening watering : Watering your lawn in the evening (after 6 PM) is not recommended as it can encourage fungal growth and disease.

It’s important to observe the condition of your lawn and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Over-watering or under-watering can lead to many problems, including root damage and disease, so finding a watering schedule that works best for your lawn is important.


Watering your lawn in the heat of the day can lead to significant evaporation losses, as the hot sun and dry air quickly pull moisture away from the grass and soil. This can lead to wasteful watering practices, as you may have to apply more water to compensate for the losses. By watering in the early morning, you can take advantage of cooler temperatures and lower humidity, which helps to reduce evaporation losses and allows the water to be absorbed more effectively by the soil.

2. Reduce water Wasting & Limit Evaporation.

There are several ways to reduce evaporation loss with your lawn sprinklers:

  • To start, set your waiting schedule to the early morning. There are many reasons why early morning watering is best and especially here in Westchester, where our summer days can be extremely hot and arid.
  • Watering your lawn in the early morning, before the sun gets overhead, allows for more efficient watering as the water can be absorbed into the soil before it has a chance to evaporate.

Another measure is to optimize the use of your volume sprinklers: Using low-volume sprinklers can help reduce the amount of water lost to Evaporation as the water droplets are smaller and have a reduced surface area for Evaporation to occur.

3. Low-Volume Sprinklers Save Water

Here at Falco Lawn, we nearly exclusively install Hunter Industries sprinklers; some of their sprinkler models are designed to use low volumes of water and are marketed as such. However, it’s best to check the specifications of the specific model you are currently running or are interested in to determine its flow rate and whether it would be considered a low-volume sprinkler. As a rule, low-volume sprinklers use less water per minute than traditional high-volume sprinklers, making them a more water-efficient option, and we would like to add well-suited ones for most residential sprinkler applications. Low-volume sprinklers are ideal for areas with water restrictions or for those looking to reduce their water usage. Many of our Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Installation customers are looking to reduce their water bill and save water while ensuring their yards get every benefit afforded by the lawn sprinkler system installed.

4. Get the Right Lawn Sprinkler for Your Lawn

Investing in the right sprinkler model ensures you get the right features for your home and system.

5. Optimize your Lawn Sprinkler Performance – Reduce Wind Exposure

Wind can waste water and lead to significant Evaporation from your lawn sprinkler output. Most lawn irrigation companies will work to position your sprinklers in areas protected from wind during installation; however, often, wind can’t be reduced completely. This is another reason why watering in the morning is the best option. The morning hours tend to see calmer air; less wind means less waste.

Yes, you read that correctly; mulching your lawn can help retain moisture in the soil, reducing the amount of water lost to evaporation. Using these methods, you can reduce evaporation losses and ensure that your lawn receives the water it needs to grow and thrive.


Now that we have explained why early morning watering is best for homes here in Westchester, we will add a few more ancillary reasons to back this up. Early morning watering helps to reduce stress on the grass. As the day goes on and the temperature rises, the grass can become increasingly stressed, leading to wilting and, eventually, death if not adequately hydrated. Watering in the early morning gives the grass the hydration it needs to stay healthy and strong throughout the day.

Popular Grass Types Found in Westchester NY

In Westchester County, New York, we enjoy a moderate climate with warm summers and cold winters. This allows for a variety of grasses to grow on lawns in the area. Some of the most common types of grasses grown on lawns in Westchester County include:

1. Kentucky Bluegrass: This is a popular choice for lawns in the area due to its fine texture, attractive blue-green color, and good tolerance to foot traffic.

2. Perennial Ryegrass: This grass is known for its quick germination and establishment, making it a popular choice for overseeding cool-season lawns in the fall.

3. Fine Fescue: This group of grasses includes several species well-suited to shady and/or low-maintenance lawns.

4. Tall Fescue: This grass is a warm-season species that is well-suited to lawns in the southern and western parts of Westchester County.

5. Zoysia Grass: This is another warm-season grass that is well-suited to lawns in Westchester County due to its tolerance to heat, drought, and shade.

Knowing what kind of grass you have is essential to caring for it. If you are choosing grass for your lawn, know what you are getting and getting into in terms of care needs.

Lawn Sprinklers And Water RequirementsChoosing the right grass for your lawn is essential, as it will affect your lawn’s appearance, health, and maintenance requirements for years to come.

When selecting a grass type for your yard or adding seed to thicken an existing lawn, it is important to consider the following elements.

The first consideration you need to make when choosing the right grass for your home is the Climate. Here in Westchester though we have one general climate, each property within the area has its environmental factors which will impact which grasses will grow best and under what conditions.

The grass that will grow best on your property depends on conditions, including average temperature, rainfall, and sun exposure.

Your Soil Type is the next major consideration factor; different types of grasses have different soil requirements, so it is important to choose a grass that is well-suited to the soil type at your property. It feels complicated, but performing a simple PH test on your soil will tell a local horticulturist more than enough about the health of your soil and which grasses will do best in it.

Lawn Sprinklers and Water Requirements

You should also consider the amount of water your lawn will receive through rainfall or irrigation. Some grasses are more drought-tolerant than others. Then again, there are rarely ever drought conditions on the lawns we install lawn sprinkler systems on, but having a long-term plan is essential. You’ll want to know if you are starting with poor or extremely dry, burned soil. Soil needs care, and if you’re starting from behind the eightball, it is best to know and invest in some soil revitalization or enrichment efforts.

Some grass types are HIGH- Maintenance

Be sure to choose a grass that fits your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

It is always a good idea to consult with a local nursery or lawn care professional to determine the best grass for your specific lawn and climate conditions.

We are also here to help review irrigation planning, design, and installation. The best offense is a defense; this is no different regarding lawn care and irrigation. We have helped design and install irrigation on some of the east-coasts prised golf courses and will proudly deliver the same expert care and know-how to your private lawn no matter its size. Lawn Irrigation is what we do! And we love it.

In conclusion, to keep your lawn healthy and hydrated, it’s essential to know when to water it. Watering in the early morning can take advantage of cooler temperatures and lower humidity, reduce evaporation losses, and encourage deeper root growth.

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