The Key Parts of Your Lawn Irrigation System

Key Feature Lawn Irrigation SystemIn this blog post, we will explore the various components and parts comprising the irrigation systems we install for homeowners here in Westchester County.

We all know proper irrigation is critical to achieving and maintaining healthy and vibrant landscapes. By creating these blog posts, we hope to serve as an educational resource for our local lawn sprinkler irrigation customers.

An educated customer is our best partner. We want you to understand the different elements of your sprinkler system, whether you own a lawn sprinkler system that needs repairs or if you are planning to have a new system installed.

Understanding the components of an irrigation system can be beneficial in optimizing its usage or considering upgrades.

Below we delve into the main components of an irrigation system and explore potential add-ons for enhanced functionality.

Lawn Sprinkler System Parts and Components

By familiarizing yourself with these irrigation system components and considering optional add-ons, you can make better and more informed decisions to improve your personal use of and the functionality, efficiency, and sustainability of your home’s irrigation system. In the best case, you can improve the health and appearance of your lawn and gardens.

In this blog post, our focus will be on the various parts and components offered by Hunter Industries for their sprinkler systems. Hunter is renowned for producing high-quality irrigation products, and understanding the different parts can help you make informed decisions about your sprinkler system.

1. The irrigation controller, also known as the timer or control panel, serves as the central hub for managing an irrigation system. The controller is the brain of the irrigation system and is responsible for managing the watering schedules and controlling the various irrigation zones.

Top Tasks :

  1. Scheduling: The primary role of an irrigation controller is to set and manage the watering schedule for your landscape. It allows you to program specific days, start times, and duration of irrigation cycles.
  2. Zone Control: An irrigation controller enables you to divide your landscape into different zones or areas, each with its own watering needs. By assigning specific valves and sprinkler heads to each zone, the controller can independently control the water flow and irrigation patterns for different sections of your yard or garden. This zone control allows for efficient watering based on varying plant requirements.
  3. Manual Operation: An irrigation controller often offers manual operation options besides programmed schedules. This feature allows you to manually start or stop irrigation cycles outside the regular schedule, catering to specific circumstances like unexpected dry spells or maintenance activities.

Our preferred lawn irrigation system brand, Hunter Industries, a leading manufacturer of irrigation products, includes an industry-leading smart irrigation technology. Their smart technology offerings provide advanced features and connectivity options for efficient water management.
Learn about Hunter’s Hydrawise Platform.

2. Sensors: The Hydrawise system can be equipped with various sensors, including a soil moisture sensor, a rain sensor, and a weather station. These sensors help ensure that the irrigation system only waters when necessary and adjusts the watering schedule based on the weather conditions.

Hunter’s smart controllers can integrate with weather sensors, including local weather stations and internet-based weather data. A healthy, beautiful garden needs just the right amount of water to thrive. Hydrawise automatically adjusts watering based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather data.
Learn about Hunter’s Hydrawise Platform.

3. Valves: The valves are responsible for controlling water flow to the irrigation zones. The Hydrawise system can support up to 54 zones, each controlled by its own valve.

4. Sprinklers: The sprinklers are the most visible part of the irrigation system and are responsible for distributing water to the lawn and garden. Hunter offers a wide range of sprinkler heads, including pop-up sprinklers, rotary sprinklers, and bubbler nozzles.

Hunter’s selection of sprinkler heads caters to various irrigation needs and ensures effective water distribution. Hunter makes adiverse range of sprinkler heads, including spray heads, rotor heads, the unique MP Rotator, pop-up sprinklers, and bubblers. Their spray heads come in fixed, rotary, and specialty options, while their rotor heads provide adjustable coverage for larger areas. The MP Rotator delivers water efficiently with slow rotation and larger droplets. Pop-up sprinklers retract underground, offering convenience and aesthetics. Bubblers deliver low-flow, targeted watering.

5. Pipes and Fittings: The pipes and fittings connect the valves to the sprinkler heads and ensure that water is distributed evenly throughout the irrigation zones.

6. Backflow Preventer: The backflow preventer is an important safety feature that prevents irrigation water from contaminating the main water supply.

Backflow prevention is a crucial element of a well-installed irrigation system to ensure the safe handling of water. Annual testing by a certified backflow testing contractor is necessary to maintain the effectiveness of backflow devices.

Every properly installed irrigation system uses a backflow device to ensure proper water handling. Backflow devices need to be checked by a certified backflow testing contractor each year. We offer backflow testing in our service areas of Westchester County, Fairfield County, Putnam County and Rockland. This is a fast and easy test.

Backflow testing helps maintain the safety and integrity of the water supply by preventing the reverse flow of potentially contaminated water into the main water system.

7. Wiring: The wiring connects the controller to the valves, sensors, and other components of the system, allowing for seamless communication between all parts of the system.

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