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    Landscape Lighting Briarcliff Manor NY
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    Outdoor Lighting Systems Briarcliff Manor NY

    Landscape Lighting Briarcliff Manor NY – our landscape lighting specialists will enhance your Briarcliff Manor property’s look, feel, and functionality with modern outdoor landscape lighting. These low-voltage LED lights. Our experienced team will design the proper lighting plan for your unique property and project needs. 

    LED lights deliver more useful lumens (light emitted per unit of power), and fewer wasted lumens.

    Our home lighting systems can serve both aesthetic and functional security objectives.

    A well-designed outdoor lighting system will increase your home’s value, and security, eliminating dark areas and showcasing interesting details.

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    Landscape Outdoor Lighting Systems Briarcliff Manor NY

    We love the outdoors; we are inspired by our work of transformation and invigorated by the ability of light to create stunning displays that transform properties. Our team can do everything from popular string patio ‘bistro lights to custom poolside illumination to systems that work to highlight landscapes and gardens.

    Our services begin with a complimentary design consultation where we’ll tour your property and discuss your preferences.

    Together we will begin by talking about your goals for the system: safety, security, and ambiance are usually at the top of the list. Then our experts will sit back and assess your property. Then we will work together to design and customize a fluid lighting concept based on your needs. Many projects aim to highlight architectural and landscape accents, illuminate footpaths and establish a mood for the property.

    Our lighting technicians can guide and assist you through each step of the lighting design process. With modern technology comes more options, and we will be happy to go over all of them during our meeting. New home lighting apps, for example, allow you to change the hue of your lighting with the touch of a button. These projects are always fun and the outcome is always exciting!
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    Landscape Outdoor Lighting Briarcliff Manor NY

    LED lighting is reliable, durable, and provides low-cost light for your outdoor landscape.

    Falco Lawn Sprinklers is committed to using only the most modern, highly efficient lighting; we use 12-volt LED lights. In addition, our lights are buried 8 to 10 inches underground instead of the several feet 24-volt outdoor lights require. By using these lower voltage lights, we can keep costs down and disturb less of your lawn without sacrificing brightness.

    LED lighting also saves you money by conserving energy without decreasing brightness. LEDs are clean; bright light looks better. 

    There are many reasons why homeowners consider having outdoor lighting installed.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting systems highlight ornamental flowers, trees, and unique landscape elements.

    Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate your deck, pool, or patio for ease of use during outdoor dining and entertaining.

    Outdoor lighting adds to your home’s exterior security, a well-lit home is less attractive to trespassers and would-be burglars.

    Outdoor lighting will illuminate pathways around your home or entranceways to the front door or back door.

    Landscape Outdoor Lighting NY

    Our landscape lighting team will design, install and maintain a complete or partial landscape lighting systems on your residential or commercial property, our approach and execution ensure minimal disruption to your existing landscape.


    Landscape Lighting – Low Voltage Fixtures

    Landscape Lighting Low Voltage Fixtures

    A Lighting System will TRANSFORM YOUR HOME.

    Whether you’re a homeowner looking to add lights to brighten up your yard at night or a business owner looking to enliven your storefront; landscape lighting, offers a wide variety of solutions to suit your needs and vision!

    We do more than just install land irrigation systems and set up outdoor lights.


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