Ready to install a sprinkler system but still have questions? Falco Lawn Sprinklers is a locally owned, family-operated irrigation installation company that has been serving the needs of our customers since 1998. Here are some questions we are frequently asked and hope they help you in making your decision easier.

Will a sprinkler system use more water than I am currently using?

No, in fact, it will save water. Our new Wi-Fi -based controller simplifies managing your system while achieving water savings of up to 50%! Our system will automatically adjust watering based on changing weather, temperature and rainfall to ensure that just the perfect amount of water is applied to your lawn.

What type of sprinkler system do you use?

We use Hunter sprinkler systems in all of our installations. They are known for making top-quality products that use only the amount of energy and water needed to efficiently irrigate your lawn.

Will the installation damage my lawn?

During the installation of your irrigation system, our team uses a sod-folding technique that will minimize the trauma to your lawn and minimize potential damage to the root system. This method helps to ensure that all signs of the installation will quickly disappear into the lush green beauty of your lawn.

Is the system difficult to operate?

Not at all! Our Wi-Fi controller with Hydrawise software gives you everything you need in the palm of your hand. You can easily view, manage, and monitor your system from a PC, phone or tablet.

What kind of maintenance will my system require?

Sprinkler systems will need to be serviced twice each year. We offer seasonal maintenance including Spring start-up and Fall winterization. In the Spring, our experienced service technicians will restart your system and check for any damage that may have occurred. They will also adjust your system to ensure optimal coverage and flow. In the Fall, our team will perform winterization procedures including flushing the sprinkler lines to prevent freezing and breaking.

We are here to serve as Westchester County’s home irrigation experts. Contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.