Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry NY

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    Lawn sprinkler systems Dobbs Ferry NY

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    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry NY & Irrigation Systems

    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry, NY: At Falco Lawn, we design and install the highest-quality lawn irrigation systems available with top-quality components by industry-leading lawn irrigation brands.

    Every element of our lawn irrigation systems exceed industry standards and specifications; it is our pleasure to help homeowners become more environmentally responsible while enjoying healthy, lush lawns.

    As a local irrigation company, we have dedicated ourselves to our craft, commercial and residential irrigation services. We have helped save billions of gallons of wasted water with our customers. We help save water and save our customers money while helping them maintain a beautiful lawn at the same time.

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    Dobbs Ferry NY Lawn Irrigation & Automatic Sprinkler Systems

    Our irrigation systems improve the health and quality of the land they adorn, from the large commercial lawns of Westchester’s golf courses and parks to our many residential customers’ backyards, gardens, and arboretums throughout Westchester and right here in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

    Our lawn irrigation services include:

    • Design Services – We include design services in all of our installations and can help offer this service to you even before you are ready to buy. System design can’t be overlooked, the irrigation system’s efficiency depends on a well-planned coverage plan, and our design services ensure this.
    • Installation Services – Our expert installation will ensure that your lawn’s irrigation system provides proper coverage and hydration. Every irrigation system is different; each yard is unique, and your irrigation system will be designed to meet your property’s needs.
    • Maintenance Services – From leaky sprinkler heads to programming issues, our maintenance services can help with various sprinkler system problems you may encounter. We are happy to look at older systems, issues with systems we did not install or troubleshoot setup, and any technical challenges with your irrigation system.
    • Backflow Testing – every properly installed irrigation system uses a backflow device to ensure proper water handling. Backflow devices need to be checked each year. An untested backflow system can wreak havoc on your family’s safety. Water main break malfunctions often happen in New York; some figures suggest as frequently as every two minutes. These water main breaks render our drinking water unsafe for consumption and use.

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    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry NY

    Lawn irrigation system Dobbs Ferry NY

    We all know that our homes are the most significant and most rewarding investment we make. Building and maintaining a beautiful landscape to frame your home adds curb appeal, natural ambiance, and value. But, it also creates a beautiful surrounding for you and your family to enjoy.

    All lawn irrigation systems here in Westchester require care twice each year. 

    In the spring, our trained technicians will restart your system and check for any damage that may have occurred due to the freeze-thaw cycle, lawn aeration, or grounds maintenance as needed. Falco technicians will also adjust your system to ensure correct coverage and flow, ensuring that water is conserved and used correctly to deliver optimum performance from your irrigation system.

    Then come fall, our irrigation engineers will perform winterization procedures, purging water from the sprinkler components and pipes to prevent freezing and breaking.

    Together we will develop a program customized to the needs of your lawn, including backflow testing and other system safety measures. 

    Irrigation systems need to be maintained twice each year.

    Lawn Irrigation Dobbs Ferry NY

    Here in Westchester, we are proud of the reputation we have made for ourselves. Today, we are known as being the most knowledgeable and friendly lawn irrigation company in Westchester County.

    In addition to our irrigation system installation and maintenance work we also provide sprinkler repair, irrigation design, and landscape lighting.

    Our family-owned and operated company consistently provides top-quality service, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry NY

    Save up to 50% water with Predictive Watering™

    Lawn Sprinkler Systems Dobbs Ferry NY
    At Falco Lawn Sprinklers, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. More than 90% of our customers coming to us by way of personal referral – we are proud of our reputation for dedicated, detail-oriented service.

    During the installation of your irrigation system, our installation technicians use a special sod-folding system to minimize the trauma to the delicate ecosystem that is your lawn. By carefully turning the turf on its side, we minimize the potential damage to your lawn’s root network. Our technique ensures that the installation will quickly disappear into the green lush beauty of your perfect hydrated lawn.


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