It seems there’s always at least one home in every neighborhood constantly surrounded by a beautiful lawn and other vegetation; all seemingly without any effort on the part of the homeowners. What passersby may not realize is that in large part, the homeowner’s secret to “effortless” perfect landscaping can be attributed to a discrete lawn irrigation system.

Still on the fence about installing an irrigation system? Consider the following benefits.

1 .Add Aesthetic Value to the Neighborhood —

Last but not least, installing an automatic irrigation system means you too can have one of those homes that look effortlessly vibrant, healthy, and beautiful — all of which adds to the enjoyment of everyone in the neighborhood.

2. Increases a Home’s Value —

Has there ever been anyone who regretted installing an irrigation system — especially when they decide to sell their home? A home irrigation system always adds to resale value.

3. Better for the Environment —

Water is an important resource, however healthy soil, trees, flowers, and other vegetation are also important for a vibrant planet. They help support insects and other small wildlife. By using water resources in a thoughtful, intelligent manner, homeowners can avoid unwanted waste while also helping to support other vital aspects of Mother Nature.

4. Timing is Everything —

Early in the morning is the ideal time to water one’s lawn and other vegetation. This allows plants and grass to fully absorb the water they need to prepare for daytime sun rays. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until dusk to water their lawns. This encourages water to sit all night long, thus encouraging the growth of fungi and rot. An automated system can be programmed to distribute water precisely when vegetation will reap the most benefit.

5. Retain Soil Nutrients —

Using an irrigation system to distribute just the right amount of water helps avoid nutrient depletion of the soil. Manual over watering tends to erode and deplete soil nutrients. Conversely, very dry soil simply turns into dust and blows into unwanted areas.

6. Reduce Weeds and Plant Diseases —

Desirable plants that receive their required amounts of water are better able to withstand disease. In turn, strong and healthy plants tend to dominate their “turf”, which discourages weed growth.

7. Increase Efficiency, Reduce Water Waste—

Manual watering often leads to over watering. High-tech systems also have rain and soil sensors, so they distribute water only when and where your soil truly needs it.

8. Even Water Distribution —

Relying on Mother Nature for water also means relying on the layout of your property for water distribution. Some areas may receive too much water and other areas may receive very little. A professionally installed irrigation system is customized to fit a property’s specific topography and size.

9. Great for Frequent Travelers —

It’s always a disappointment to come back from a relaxing vacation only to find one’s favorite miniature tree or some other delicate vegetation that did not survive the summer heat. With an automatic irrigation system, frequent travelers can have peace of mind knowing their important landscaping is receiving the care it requires.

10. Reduce a Homeowner’s “to do” List —

Watering one’s lawn by hand often takes a back seat to countless other chores requiring attention, which means landscaping efforts either struggle to thrive or simply wither and die. With an irrigation system, the homeowner simply sets up their own preferred watering schedule and moves on to their many other tasks.

If you’d like to know more about an irrigation system for your home, please contact us!