Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam County NY

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    Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam County NY

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    Putnam County NY Sprinkler Winterization Services

    Prepare Your System for Winter

    Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam County NY – Winterizing your lawn sprinkler system in Putnam County, NY, is vital for protecting it from the cold and ensuring its longevity. Trust our expert team to do it right:

    • Local Expertise: We know Putnam County’s unique climate and irrigation needs.
    • Professional Equipment: We have the tools and knowledge for a thorough winterization.
    • Prevent Damage: Avoid costly repairs by preventing freeze-related damage.
    • Extend Lifespan: Winterizing your system extends its overall lifespan.

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    Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam County NY

    Falco Lawn & Sprinkler works in the northeast, serving Putnam County, Rockland, Westchester, Dutchess, and Orange County, in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

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    Sprinkler Winterization

    Here is a short list of the sprinkler system winterization steps we follow as part of our routine annual care plan.

    Shutting Off Water Supply

    First, we turn off the water supply to the irrigation system using the valves near the water meter. Typically, two of these valves lead to the backflow prevention device.

    Turning Off the Timer

    This step varies depending on whether or not your sprinkler system is automated. Computerized sprinkler systems also require this step, so first, we locate the controller and then select an appropriate setting to turn off the timer.

    Draining your pipes of any excess water

    Draining your pipe from excess water. This is a critical step in sprinkler system winterization; we must ensure that your line is completely dry.

    This can be done in three ways: automatically, manually, or with a blowout. We perform our pipe draining by blowout, the most effective method to ensure dry pipes.

    Blowout Method for Draining Your SystemLawn Sprinkler Winterization ServicesAn air compressor with the appropriate CFM rating is essential for safely draining your irrigation system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the blowout method while ensuring safety:

    1. Prepare Safety Gear: Wear ANSI-approved safety eye protection to safeguard your eyes during the process.
    2. Turn Off Water Supply: Begin by turning off the water supply to your irrigation system.
    3. Connect the Compressor: Connect the air compressor to the system’s line fitting, ensuring the compressor valve is closed.
    4. Activate Sprinkler Zone: On the controller, activate the zone with the sprinklers while keeping the backflow isolation valves closed.
    5. Open Compressor Valve: Carefully open the compressor’s valve to allow air to enter the irrigation system gently.
    6. Monitor Pressure: Throughout the procedure, ensure that the blowout pressure does not exceed 80 PSI and remains below the rated maximum pressure limit of the lowest pressure component in that zone.

    By following these steps, you can effectively and safely use the blowout method to drain your irrigation system, protecting it from potential winter damage.

    Draining Your System Manually

    Manual Drain Method for Sprinkler Systems in Putnam County, NY

    When it comes to efficiently draining your sprinkler system in Putnam County, NY, the manual method proves highly effective, particularly if your system’s manual valves are strategically positioned at the low points of the irrigation piping. Here’s a simple guide to the manual drain process:

    1. Disconnect Water Supply: Initiate the process by disconnecting the water supply to your irrigation system.
    2. Activate Manual Drain Valves: Ensure complete drainage by activating all the manual drain valves within your system.
    3. Open Boiler Drain Valve: Locate the boiler drain valve on the stop and waste valve, then open it. This step effectively releases any remaining water trapped between the irrigation water shut-off valve and the backflow device.

    While some systems in Putnam County, NY, may incorporate automated components for water drainage when the main valve is shut off, the manual drain method remains a dependable choice for safeguarding your system from potential winter damage.

    Contact our team or your local Lawn Irrigation Professional to Winterize your Putnam County, NY Sprinkler System.

    Why Choose Professional Sprinkler Winterization Putnam County NY

    Safety and expertise are paramount When winterizing your sprinkler system in Putnam County, NY. Here’s why you should opt for professional assistance instead of attempting it yourself:

    Safety First: The winterization process can be hazardous, involving air compressor use and other complex tasks. Our experienced team is well-versed in safety protocols.

    Expertise Matters: Our experts have in-depth knowledge of Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam County and lawn care services. We know the ins and outs of your system, ensuring thorough protection.

    Peace of Mind: Trust in our seasoned professionals to handle the job seamlessly. We’ll safeguard your irrigation system for winter’s challenges.

    We’re here to make your sprinkler system winterization and lawn care a worry-free experience, we also offer sprinkler system installation, repairs, replacement, and redesign services. 

    Sprinkler Winterization Services Putnam NY

    Trust Putnam’s Lawn Irrigation Experts to Winterize your Sprinkler System

    Our company: At Falco Lawn Sprinklers, we use only the finest-quality lawn irrigation systems and system components in our sprinkler system installation, repairs, and care service. We use the industry’s finest materials and brands and provide expert installation design and maintenance service. All of our services are available on-demand or with customizable maintenance plans based on the needs of our customers.

    Our teams have served the needs of our customers for more than two decades. Through our four seasons, we understand the unique challenges of lawns, gardens, and golf courses in the tri-state area and know how to deliver healthy, beautiful-thriving landscapes to our customers through smart irrigation installation solutions. We also provide irrigation repair services, lawn sprinkler irrigation, winterization, and spring start-ups.

    Our Process

    Our lawn sprinkler repair and maintenance services include:

    • Expansion & modification of existing lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems
    • Spring start-ups
    • In-season service work
    • System winterizing and shut-down services
    • Backflow testing
    • Emergency sprinkler system repair
    • Surge protection
    • Our sprinkler systems use Predictive Watering™ techniques – that save up to 50% more water than other competitive irrigation systems!


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