LED Trends in Outdoor Lighting

In recent years, LED lighting has become immensely popular as an indoor lighting solution, so it should come as no surprise that LED lighting options are now one of the premier outdoor lighting choices as well. It’s difficult to determine whether the main attraction to LED lighting is due to its impressive efficiency and longevity, or its ability to bring the beautiful ambiance to life in key areas of the home.

Why LED is Trending Outdoors

1.Flexibility —

Unlike traditional incandescent lighting, LED lighting is smaller which means it can be incorporated into a wider variety of spaces. This allows homeowners to have more options when it comes to outdoor lighting features for safety reasons, style, or both. There are now LED lighting options for safety flood lights, step lights, walkways, under-mounted lighting strips for railings, outdoor deck lighting, and much more.

2.Enhancing Style and Function —

LED lights give homeowners more options in terms of the mood they want to experience in certain outdoor spaces. In some areas they may want their outdoor lighting to provide a warmer backdrop for events such as hosting an evening dinner party. In other areas, they may prefer to have brighter illumination for outdoor work spaces or for security reasons. Either way, LED lighting comes in a variety of color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool on the CCT (correlated color temperature) spectrum.

3.Beautiful Lighting —

Perhaps the main reason why LED lighting has become so popular is simply because it provides beautiful illumination. LED illumination is crisp and clean, and the bulbs themselves are long-lasting and much more efficient. LED lighting is also known for its precision, meaning it can be more easily directed exactly where it is needed. All this translates into lower utility costs for brilliant and precise illumination, and less time spent on replacing bulbs.

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