A well-maintained landscape is always a rich feast for the eyes. This is just one of the reasons why home and property owners invest in designing beautiful scenery to accompany their property. Another reason is that a well-maintained landscape typically increases a property’s value. If the owners decide to sell, they’re likely to receive a significant return on their landscaping investment.

Reasons to install a water sprinkler system:

Protects Your Landscaping Investment

A lawn irrigation system provides your expensive trees, shrubs, and flowers with the liquid nourishment they need regularly. Having an automated irrigation system means your landscaping investment is always being taken care of whether you’re busy at work or on vacation.

Reduces Water Costs

Some property owners assume an irrigation system uses more water than traditional watering methods, but that isn’t the case. Using an automated lawn sprinkler system means property owners can deliver just enough water at just the right time. For example, setting irrigation timers to water during the cool morning hours means less water is lost to evaporation. In addition, tailoring sprinkler head sizes to the unique needs of nearby foliage allows property owners to deliver just the right amount of moisture, so they are neither under nor over water.

Resale Value

Most prospective buyers love the idea of a beautiful lawn, but far fewer have the time for manual lawn maintenance. Having a sprinkler system means buyers can relax and enjoy their new property.

Things to consider before installing a water sprinkler system:

The Initial Investment

Of course, property owners must be prepared for the initial investment cost associated with a lawn irrigation system. Compared to simply using a water hose, installing a watering system seems more expensive. It’s only that property owners will see the cost savings associated with an automated system.


As with any other mechanical system, there are maintenance costs associated with automated lawn sprinklers. Outdoor critters and other pests may damage sprinkler components, and seasonal maintenance is required in areas that experience harsh winter weather. Periodic evaluation of the system to ensure it’s delivering the right amount of water to the right plants is also necessary, mainly if the property owner performs a major overhaul of their vegetation.

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