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Landscape Lighting Westchester NY

Falco Lawn Sprinklers can design and customize the lighting of your property, no matter how big or small the scale of the project. From backyard accent lighting to large grounds illumination, Falco Lawn Sprinklers can help with each step of the way.

Falco Lawn Sprinklers will begin by designing and customizing the lighting based exactly and your wants and needs, whether that be highlighting architectural accents, lighting up shrubbery, illuminating footpaths, setting a calming mood, or eliminating dark corners of your property. Falco Lawn Sprinklers lighting technicians can guide and assist you through each step of the customized lighting design process.

To install, Falco Lawn Sprinklers lighting technicians use LED lights, which offer a clean and bright look while being inexpensive and easy to install. There’s no need to destroy your lawn just to have good lighting! With no licenses or electricians, installation is a breeze, so you can enjoy your customized lighting design in no time at all.

Falco Lawn Sprinklers Exclusively Uses Modern LED

Falco Lawn Sprinklers exclusively uses modern, highly efficient 12-volt LED lighting. LED lights are buried 8 to 10 inches underground, instead of the several feet 24-volt outdoor lights require. This means you do not need a licensed electrician, which keeps costs down and saves your lawn from being ruined by a messy installation.
To further enhance the ease of operation and conservation, we use state-of-the-art electronic timers, solar sensors, and programmable apps so you can manage your commercial lighting system from a smartphone.

  • Modern, green, efficient
  • Turf science for lawn care
  • Maintenance
  • Innovative design
  • Installation of decorative lighting
  • Security illumination
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Our lighting systems are state-of-the-art featuring electronic timers, solar sensors, and programmable automation


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There is an art to landscape lighting, in many ways it is as if you’re painting with light.

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