Top Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

The switch to LED landscape lighting is not something new in our industry – for years, we have been working with Westchester County home and business owners looking to update or add landscape lighting to their property. Whether they are designing a brand new system from the group up or are updating an existing outdoor lighting system into the 21st century, in our opinion, LED is the only way to go.

No matter what lighting challenges or details you are looking for Falco Lawn and Sprinklers lighting design team uses only the best energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting available in the industry.

What Does LED Mean?

LED is short for Light-Emitting Diode. LED lights are different from standard halogen and incandescent bulbs that heat a filament to produce light. Instead, LED lights are electronic and emit light when an electrical current passes through them.

The benefits produced by an LED’s design are significant. 

What’s so great about LEDs?

We wrote this blog to help highlight some of the many benefits of LED outdoor lighting over the use of traditional light bulbs like incandescent or halogens.

Most people turn to incandescent lights or LED bulbs for outdoor lighting.

However, there are distinct differences between the two regarding efficiency, longevity, energy consumption, and overall cost.

LED lighting has the upper hand in all these areas, and that is why we recommend it for your landscape and outdoor lighting.

Here are some benefits LED lights offer when used for outdoor lighting.

Long Lifespan

LED light has a longer lifespan than the average incandescent bulb. Most incandescent bulbs last for about a thousand hours, while an LED bulb lasts between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. It even lasts longer than sodium vapor and metal halide lights.

Energy Efficiency

LED light has a higher light efficiency than any other type of lighting. This is because it has more useful lumens (light emitted per unit of power), and fewer wasted lumens. If you change to LED outdoor lighting, you can expect a 70% increase in energy efficiency.

They Operate in Cold Weather

Traditional lighting may be affected by extremely cold conditions. For example, some types of lighting, such as fluorescent lamps, require a higher starting voltage, while others experience diminishing light when used in cold settings.

LED light performs better in such conditions and does not freeze. Therefore, it can be used outdoors to light the perimeter fence and parking lots in winter and survive the entire cold season.

There is No Heat or Emissions

Most lights have to heat the light-emitting material to produce light. This feature makes them extremely hot and prone to increased damage. However, an LED does not produce heat, and its light is emitted within the visible spectrum. It also does not emit UV rays, which can degrade material around the lighting fixture.

Choose LED Bulbs for Your Outdoors

LED lighting is reliable, durable, and provides low-cost light for your outdoors and landscape. You can use LED bulbs for the floodlights, accent lighting, and spotlights.

For quality outdoor lighting here in. Westchester, our company installs both FX Luminaire and Unique Lighting Systems; both offer low voltage, high-quality lighting with many control options. 

Outdoor lighting FAQ

I am thinking about adding outdoor lights to my home. What is your process?

At Falco Lawn and Sprinkler, we follow a three-step process in all of our design and build work.

1- Planning

First, we meet with our customers to review your goals for the lighting system; are they solely aesthetic for security? Or a combination?

2- Design

We design the layout and functionality of the system and begin to plan our installation. Finally, we present our a plan to the customer and get ready for installation.

3- Installation

Get to work! Access the waterline, dig the trenches, install the valves, run the pipes, and install the sprinkler heads and controller.

More about our outdoor lighting products:

FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire

LED-based landscape lights like those made by FX Luminaire provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages. Because of these advantages, LED optimization the team at Falco Lawn + Sprinkler believes, LED lighting is the future of the industry.

With LUXOR® you can have it all! When Luxor controls an LED landscape lighting system, lights don’t simply turn on and off. They come alive.

As FX Luminaire’s premium lighting control option, Luxor is the most advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting transformer on the market. The controller incorporates zoning, dimming, and color control capabilities into a single control system using a simple two-wire path installation.

The Luxor app provides ultimate flexibility and convenience when designing with Luxor lighting systems. With the app, you can adjust fixture intensity and color, create unique themes, and fine-tune your color palette for special occasions — right from the palm of your hand!

Unique Lighting Systems

FX Luminaire

For over 25 years Unique Lighting Systems has provided leadership and distinguished itself as an innovator in the low voltage lighting industry. Unique Lighting System’s patented HUB system sets the benchmark within the industry and continues to be the best solution for saving time and money.

Unique has a well-established reputation among lighting designers, engineers, architects, distributors, contractors, and property owners for high-quality products and outstanding customer support. Unique’s range of innovative designs and finishes is an ideal complement to residential and commercial landscapes.

Unique designs manufacture, and supply a fully integrated and wide range of distinctive low voltage lighting fixtures, LED and Multi-Matic transformers, HUBs, HID bollards, LED lamps, wireless controls, and accessories for the lighting professional. Unique sets itself apart with premium cast brass fixtures.

Many different techniques will create a variety of effects for your home and property.

The overall effect is dependent on what you would like the end result to be. Whether it is an imposing dramatic effect or a subtle and elegant look, your lighting professional will create the atmosphere you desire.